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Swim With Whales on the Silver Bank

Conscious Breath Adventures leads life changing cruises for our guests to see and swim with humpback whales on the Silver Bank, part of the Sanctuary for the Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic. This secret corner of the ocean is the largest breeding ground for the North Atlantic humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) and some 3,000 – 5,000 gather here every winter.

Swimming with whales on the Silver Bank is an adventure for all ages and skill levels. SCUBA diving is not required so all you need is a sense of adventure and to be comfortable in the water. The trip is a journey into a world of whales experienced by just a few hundred lucky travelers every year.

Using careful, respectful approach techniques refined over nearly twenty years, we take you to meet the whales in the water. You will look a humpback whale in the eye. You may see a baby whale nursing. Or witness whales engaged in a spellbinding courtship dance. Or be immersed in the bone-shaking song of a male humpback whale. Meeting the whales in their home on their terms is the ultimate wildlife experience. We can take you there!

Responsible Tourism

The Silver Bank is the best-regulated location in the world to join cetaceans in the water. With only three vessels permitted, it is also the most exclusive and least impactive to the whales.

Conscious Breath Adventures is a member of the World Cetacean Alliance, working with a global network of tourism and conservation partners to protect whales, dolphins and porpoise in the wild.

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